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Smoke Detector Inspection (26F)



One and Two Family Homes:

Fire departments in Massachusetts are currently required to inspect smoke alarms in homes that are being sold or transferred.  Here are the requirements:

  • Minimum of one (1) detector per floor, except in unfinished attics.
  • All detectors are to be ceiling mounted unless otherwise approved by the Head of the Fire Department
  • There must be a detector located at bottom of the basement stairs.  If the stairway is enclosed, the detector must be outside of the enclosure.
  •  Smoke detectors should be located within 3’ of the bottom stairways on all levels.
  • There must be detectors outside of sleeping areas.
  • If the house was built before 1977, single station battery powered (DC) detectors are allowed.
  • In houses constructed after 1977, detectors must be hardwired (AC) multiple station detectors.
  • All hardwired (AC) multiple station detectors must sound simultaneously.
  •  In houses constructed after March 1, 1996 there must also be a detector in each bedroom.

Some houses are tied in to a central station alarm company.  Be sure that they are notified prior to the test and that the homeowner or realtor knows how to reset the system.  Also, make sure the alarm company contacts our local dispatch center at (413) 586-1508 in an emergency, not the fire station.  We are a volunteer station.  All alarm calls should go through our dispatch center.  They will notify the Department of the alarm call.

A smoke detector inspection application can be called in to the fire station at (413) 268-7161 (extension 2).  We will follow up with you to schedule a site inspection.

There is a $25.00 fee for each inspection or re-inspection.