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Lions Club Holds Safety Day - GFD - 09/22/2007


Reprinted with permission from the pages of the Country Journal

September 20, 2007

Lions Club Holds Safety Day

Parker Moson

Parker Moson gives the Cummington Lions Club's first ever Family Health and Safety Day a thumbs up.

GOSHEN – Cummington Lions Club's first ever Family Health and Safety Day on Sept. 15 offered a good showing of local services such as the Goshen Fire Department, Highland Ambulance, Lions Club Eyemobile, and the Red Cross Bloodmobile.  They even had Lions Club member Mike Steenburgh on hand as the DJ.

Spearheading the event were Club members Linda Culver and Bev Prentice.  Prentice said they got the idea to hold a fair when she saw one in Greenfield.  "I thought it would be a good idea for the Hilltowns.  So Linda and I got together and started talking about it and it took off from there."

The Cummington Lions cover four towns - Cummington, Goshen, Plainfield and Savoy - and they hold regular meetings at the Spruce Corner Restaurant in Goshen.  The second Thursday of the month is a board of directors, and the fourth Thursday is their dinner meeting. 

The idea is to hold this safety event every year in one of the member towns.  Next year it will probably be in Cummington, Plainfield then Savoy, and back here in Goshen four years from now.

Chief Sue Labrie with Julia and Gina Lingwall of Sunderland.

Goshen Fire Chief Sue Labrie helps Julia and Gina Lingwall suit up for the mini muster.

There were many interesting activities taking place such as the children's muster, and on hand was Evelyn Ross of the Hampshire County Sheriff's Department.  The night before she had been in Westhampton speaking on behalf of the Hampshire TRIAD program which is law enforcement, senior citizens and protective services working to keep seniors safe.  She shared a lot of information and had a portable iris scanner, with which she was able to take photos of people's iris's.  The main purpose is for children and seniors to have their own ID card, and for law enforcement to have this information on file so if a child or an elder with Alzheimer's goes missing, law enforcement officials have some information to go on.  The iris information is also shared in a national data bank called the Missing and Exploited Children and Adult Network

While the weather was cold and sometimes a little rainy, during the day there was a large turnout of groups and agencies.

The following pictures were not part of the Country Journal article but were also taken during the Family Health and Safety Day.  They are included here for your viewing pleasure. 

Parker Moson with a charged line.

Parker Moson, whose grandparents have a summer camp on Highland Lake, takes aim at the 'flames' that were shooting out of the S.A.F.E. house before moving on to help rescue Charlie MacCarthy from certain peril.  Parker seemed more interested in playing with the hose than he was putting on his turnout hear.  Something tells me that he'll make a good firefighter some day.

Alyssa Labrie with her cone head.

Alyssa Labrie lended her creative talents to help attract passers by to the Tilton Town Farm.  Alyssa used a pair of scissors, some tape, a sharpie, a plastic fire helmet from the GFD booth and her imagination to craft this roadside sign.

Gus Grimley on the shoulders of his Dad Michael.

Gus Grinley seemed happier to be on his Dad's shoulders and peering through the open window of Goshen's attack engine than he was in getting inside and playing with the steering wheel.  Nonetheless, memories were made.

(Thursday, September 20th, 2007)