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Allen Beals


Allen Edward Beals

1944 ~ 2007

The Goshen Fire Department, with great sadness, announces the Active Duty Death of Firefighter Allen Beals.  Allen, age 62,  was a 27 year member of the Goshen Fire Department and died Saturday evening at his family farm while working in his barn.  Allen was the Driver Training Officer for the Department for many years.  He was also skilled at making almost any mechanical thing work.

Allen was an Army Veteran serving active duty from 1965 until 1968 and then in the Reserves until 1971.  Allen is survived by his wife, Marjorie, and 4 daughters, Terri, Tracy, Amanda, and JoAnne.

The following was read by the family at a Memorial Service in Allen's honor held in the Goshen Town Hall on Saturday, March 31st 2007.

He was not a perfect man.  He was a strong and true man,

He got up every day and did what had to be done,

No matter what he wanted to do.


He was not a city man.  He was a country man.

He lived his life by the seasons of the year

And labored on his land.


He was not a rich man.  Some would say a poor man.

He had love, respect, pride, and fifty dollars in his wallet.


He was not a soft man.  He was a hard man.

He had broad shoulders, a strong back, and rough hands.


He was not a famous man.  He was a well-known man.

He was a mechanic, a farmer, a firefighter, a construction worker,

And an always-willing hand.


He was not always a serious man.  He was a happy man.

He was a funny prank, a teasing joke, and a happy smile.


He was our husband, father, son, and friend.

We will miss him every day

Until we meet again.


The caption of this pictures reads as follows:

WINNING TEAM - Mr. and Mrs Carlton Roberts, Jr., captains of the man's and ladies' team respectively, are shown in front of the Goshen muster teams that captured three of five events in the fireman's muster Sunday at Mountain Park, Holyoke.  goshen took first place in the centrifugal pumping, wet hose and ladies' midnight alarm contests in the amusement park event before a large crowd.

In this picture taken at Mountain Park in Holyoke, MA Allen is the one sitting on top of Goshen's muster truck looking at the camera with a big smile on his face.