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Late Winter Snow Brings Local Travel to a Halt - GFD - 03/16/2007


Late winter storm brings local travel to a halt; Firehouse covered in spite of the storm

GOSHEN - A State of Emergency was declared Friday night as a result of the late winter snow storm.  The rate at which the snow came down made it difficult for the Goshen Highway Department to keep all town roads passable.  As a result, the emergency was declared.  Chief Sue Labrie was officially notified of the decision by Northampton Control.  Members of the department were notified with a phone call in order to make them aware that any travel in town would be difficult at best.

Firefighter / EMT Dustin Culver and Lieutenant Bob Labrie made their way to the fire station for station coverage in the event of an emergency.  They were joined there by firefighter / EMT Ken Whitten around midnight.   Tim Pease, head of the Highway Department, was able to make several passes through the parking lot at the firehouse when there was approximately one foot of snow covering it.  This made it easier for emergency vehicles to make their way to Route 9 if a call came in. 

Overnight winds brought the snow that used to be on the roof of the firehouse down into a neat 3 foot high snow drifts in front of the garage doors.  Just after we finished shoveling them out, Tim Pease came by once again to clear the lot.

Just one of many cars swallowed up by the late season storm.

This car on South Chesterfield Road might have to wait until the Spring thaw before finding it's way back onto the street.

Snow banks are back until Sring.

Snow drifts are once again piled high on Hyde Hill Road.

GFD's first fire engine seems unphased by the blanket of snow covering it.

Goshen Fire Department's first engine, a 1937 Dodge, seems unphased by the coating of snow.  Something tells me that it's seen it all before...

Don't even think of parking here.

This sign in the parking lot of the firehouse, which marks the location of our cistern, seems to be unnecessary.

Not all parts of a snow storm are bad.

A picture perfect winter scene on Hyde Hill road.

If not for Tim Pease, we'd still be digging out.

Tim Pease clearing the firehouse parking lot of snow.

The morning after.

The back of the Goshen Firehouse looking towards Route 9.

(March 16th, 2007)